Transfer Printing Instructions |
Average Orders take 2-5 Business Days

Applying our Transfers:

Follow the steps and instructions to get the best results.

High Pressure is very important.

Not using enough pressure can result in most of the problems you will encounter using transfers.

Sometimes depending on the garment, it may need more time.

We recommend printing on a test garment before using in full production.

Press Times per product:

Screen Printed Transfers
Temperature: 375 Degrees
Time: 8 - 10 Seconds
Pressure: High Pressure
Peel: Hot Peel


If transfer is not completely “transferring” peeling off the paper or film, you can try three things.

1. Press for a longer time.
2. Use more Pressure
3. Use more heat. (In-house we use 375-400 degrees)

If the transfer color is changing or fading, you may be pressing for too long. A good example is pressing white on black. Less time will make it more opaque.

If you need more help or tips, please contact us at [email protected]